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Bottle of olive oil "Triangular"
  • Bottle of olive oil "Triangular"

Bottle of olive oil "Triangular"

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

At the factory ElegiaGrandkeramicheskaya bottle of olive oil from the series "Triangle" is considered one of the best acquisitions of souvenir shops, online and offline stores dishes. It has a sleek and neat design, high quality, which is achieved by the use of the excellent material, natural colors and a special sintering technology using modern equipment.

To the product catalog you get a practical and reliable product, resistant to high temperature, steam, cleaning agents with potent chemical components. All items sold as a set with ceramic or cork lid. Thanks to them, the olive oil in a ceramic bottle will keep the true taste and aroma for a few weeks, because the cover (cortical or ceramic) seal tightly to the bottle walls, and prevent the ingress of moisture and air. These two components affect the taste and flavor of the product, making them less saturated.

Our factory offers to buy a bottle of olive oil "Triangle", a volume of 0.7 liters, wholesale at the best price. Order wholesale shipments of products with delivery in Ukraine you can at our website.



Volume: 0.7L + 5%

Height: 220 mm.

Width: 150 mm.

Depth: 75 mm.

Вес изделия: 710 грамм

Укупорка: Корковая пробка + сургучная печать или Корковая пробка + керамическая крышка.


Количество в упаковке: 9 шт.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Volume: 0,7 L
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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