Bottle of olive oil
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Bottle of olive oil "Original"
  • Bottle of olive oil "Original"
  • Bottle of olive oil "Original"

Bottle of olive oil "Original"

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

ElegiaGrand plant for owners of online shops selling the dishes, and souvenir shops, has prepared an interesting offer: We offer to buy in bulk ceramic bottles of olive oil from the series "Original". This elegant and refined product appreciated by customers who are looking for practical and stylish attributes for the kitchen. Bottle of olive oil "Original" will decorate the kitchen cabinet or desk: it neat and discreet design with a special "highlight" - on the convex portion of the article is drawn on a white background branch of the olive tree.

Another advantage of this attribute - high quality olive oil in the ceramic bottle preserve the true flavor and aroma for a long period of time due to the fact that for the manufacture of products ElegiaGrandispolzovali special firing technology at the plant, and in the processing of - natural dyes. To prevent inside moisture and other liquids we suggest using a ceramic lid or plastic stopper, tightly adjacent to the walls of the bottle.

Order wholesale lots of bottles of this series, you can on our website. Delivery of goods is valid throughout Ukraine.


Volume: 0.960 liter. | 1,300 liters.

Height: 235 mm. | 270 mm.

Width: 130 mm. | 135 mm.

Depth: 115 mm. | 115 mm.

Product Weight: 0.600 kg. | 0,660kg.

Packing: plastic tube + ceramic lid.


Packing Quantity: 9 pcs.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Volume: 0,96 L
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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