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Bottle of olive oil "Amphora Light"
  • Bottle of olive oil "Amphora Light"

Bottle of olive oil "Amphora Light"

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Stylish, accurate, high-quality ceramic "Amphora Light" bottle for olive oil will be a great asset to the souvenir shops and online shops selling crockery and kitchen utensils. We offer to buy the products in the series in bulk at a good price.

Now a little about the main advantages of bottles, made of ceramic, a series of "Amphora Light". The first - a stylish design: it is made in white color, it's streamlined shape with smooth lines. Second - impeccable quality. Bottle olive oil is burned in a special process, and then to cover it uses natural dyes that are insoluble under the influence of steam or liquid. Each instance is equipped with a cork with a wax seal or a ceramic cap in the color of the bottle, which does not absorb moisture, vapor, dust. Because of this "supplement" olive oil in a ceramic bottle preserves the natural taste and aroma for a long time. Buyers of your online or offline store will receive a high-quality and bright kitchen attribute. Delivery of orders is valid throughout Ukraine.


Volume: 0.75L + 5%

Height: 280 mm.

Ширина:95 мм.

Вес изделия:620 грамм

Укупорка:корковая пробка с сургучной печатью или корковая пробка с керамической крышкой под цвет бутылки.


Количество в упаковке:9 шт.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Volume: 0,75 L
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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Unbelievable price on Bottle of olive oil "Amphora Light" in Svetlovodsk (Ukraine) company ELEGIYa-GRAND, ChTPP - Eksklyuzivnye suvenirnye keramicheskie butylki.